"Bakery Faux Real" Questionnaire and
"Bread Giveaway"

【Sign-up for the bread giveaway has ended, thank you all for supporting "Bakery Faux Real"!】

Art re-enters life, the very place where it comes from

Thank you for coming to "Bakery Faux Real" by St. James' Creation!

Follow the four steps below for a chance to receive a ceramic "bread" or "biscuit" from us:

Step one

Follow St. James' Creation's Facebook and/or Instagram pages

Step two

Complete the questionnaire

Step three

Fill in the form and agree to the terms and conditions of the giveaway

Step four

We will contact eligible sign-ups to collect the "bread" or "biscuit" and let us take a photo of you with it

Terms and Conditions

- Artwork pieces will be allocated randomly and on a first-come-first-served basis while artworks last. Each recipient is entitled to one piece of work only and the artwork is non-exchangeable.

- Upon successful sign-up, St. James' Creation will contact you to collect the artwork at the St. James' Creation Gallery within a specified period, and take a photo of you with the artwork.

- If you have not received a WhatsApp confirmation on or before September 16, 2022, you may assume that the giveaway has reached its maximum quota and we are unable to allocate an artwork to you. St. James' Creation may cease this giveaway without prior notice.

- Apart from all personal information, all contents and photos provided by the participant may be used for documentation and promotional purposes, and may be used in publicities, including but not limited to press, social media, website, publications and other promotional platforms.

- St. James' Creation reserves the final right to interpret all terms and conditions mentioned herein, and absolute discretion to accept or reject any registration.

- St. James' Creation reserves the right to determine and alter the logistics of this activity, with or without advance notice.

- The personal data collected from you will be used to contact you. The provision of personal data is voluntary. We will retain the personal data collected from you for 60 days. For enquiries, please email St. James’ Creation at [email protected].

Valid dates: 29/7/2022 - 3/9/2022

Clay for Tomorrow is financially supported by the Arts Development Fund for Persons with Disabilities of the Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
The content of this activity does not reflect the views of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region