Clay for Tomorrow Ceramics Lauch

The Art of Bread Making

Here comes the hot buns!

Kneading, shaping, applying toppings and firing are steps taken to culminate in freshly baked breads for hungry stomachs – in the time-space of a ceramic studio, however, these very same steps produce freshly fired ceramic works.

And so, six St. James' Creation ceramists teamed up with ceramist Li Wei-han, Rosanna to launch a bakery in the studio, churning out trays after trays of ceramic toasts, pretzels, doughnuts, cakes, etc. Hunger turned out to be the most powerful fuel for creativity.

Fresh off the hot kiln, the "breads" are then mounted racks after racks in the gallery, which has now become a bakery – a spectacle for the hungry passersby. Where faux breads stand in for the real ones, this program explores how art re-enters life, the very place where it comes from.

"Bakery Faux Real" @ St. James' Creation Gallery:

Date: 2022.7.29 - 9.3 (Closed on Sunday, Monday and Public Holidays)

Address: G/F, St. James' Settlement, 85 Stone Nullah Lane, Wanchai

Opening hours: Tue to Sat, 13:00 – 18:00

For public enquiries, please call 2831 3299 or email [email protected]

Clay for Tomorrow is financially supported by the Arts Development Fund for Persons with Disabilities of the Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
The content of this activity does not reflect the views of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

"Bakery Faux Real" At A Glance
The Team

This creation program under Clay for Tomorrow, a project by St. James' Creation, St. James' Settlement, is indebted to the help of Artistic Advisor Mr. Chris Lo and Research Advisor Dr. Sophia Law. Our special thanks go to "Bakery Manager" Ms. Li Wei-han, Rosanna, who opened up the six ceramists to the art of ceramic bread making and connected with them through ceramics.

Back row (from left): Chau Ka Lok, Li Wei-han Rosanna, Lau Sze O,
Siu Yu Hang William, Wong Chun Pong
Front row (from left): Gabriel So, Sam Hui, Lee Ka Lok

Concept and Instruction: Li Wei-han, Rosanna
Artistic Advisor: Chris Lo
Research Advisor: Dr. Sophia Law
Arts Development Officer: Gabriel So

Special thanks:
Amy Shu
Dorothy Tsui
Tammy Yuen
St. James' Settlement Rehabilitation Services Cheerful Residence

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